Parish of the church of the Holy Great Martyr George the Victorious in Losk village

Churches of the Deanery of Volozhin

Address: Losk village, Volozhinsky district, Minsk region.

Prior: The parish is under the pastoral care of Archpriest Sergiy Linkevich, the priest of the church of the Intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God in Gorodki (tel.: +375-1772-55317; +375-29-7670103).

The preserved St. George’s Church was built in 1858 by the Highest decree on the establishment of churches in the state-owned estates of the Western provinces. According to legend, the church was built on the site of an older Holy Cross Church. In 1864, a bell tower was added and repairs were made inside by order of the County Church Building Committee.

In 1878, the parish included 225 households, there were 901 men and 879 women in 21 villages. In 1876, a parish school was opened at the church.

In 1912, 33 boys and 11 girls studied in three classes of the primary church school. The psalmist and the teacher of the parish school in 1913 studied at two-week missionary courses in Vilnius. The parish is assigned to the Church of the Intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God in Gorodki.

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