Parish of the church of the Holy Great Martyr George the Victorious Dubina-Yurzdytskaya village

Churches of the Deanery of Volozhin

Address: Dubina-Yurzdytskaya village, Volozhinsky district, Minsk region.

Prior: Priest Valery Yaromich (tel.: +375-29-6468331).

Dubinskaya St. George’s Church is located on the eastern side of the village, it was built in 1868 from rubble stone according to a standard project. The church is a monument of pseudo-Russian style architecture.
In 1961, St. George’s church stopped its activity. The church was converted into a granary for the “Zarya” collective farm and all utensils from chuch were disappeared somewhere, including the bells (one large and two small). After the fire broke out during the cleaning work, only the walls of the temple remained, it was in a bad condition until the time of its restoration (1990).

In 1990, a huge work began on the restoration of the church. A church council was established, at which the parish warden and the treasurer were elected. With God’s help, by the efforts of parishioners and local authorities, in spring 1993, all the work was mostly completed and the prayer to God sounded again in the Dubinsky St. George Church.

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