The parish of the church of the Holy Life-Giving Trinity in Dolginovo village.

Churches of the deanery of Dolginovo

Address: 17 September 17, Dolginovo ag., Vileyka district, Minsk region.
Rector: Archpriest Ioan Linnik (tel.: +375-1771-64260; +375-29-3544405).
Holy Trinity Church in Dolginovo village was built from brick at the expense of the treasury in 1870. It was consecrated on August 17, 1871 by his Grace Iosıf, Bishop of Kovno.
Since then, services in the church have not been interrupted. During the years of war, during the years of hard times, the church remained active. Detailed information about the church and the parish can be gleaned from the surviving chronicle of the Dolginovskaya Holy Trinity Church from 1880.

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