Parish of the Church of the Holy Spirit in Rechki village(deanery center)

Churches of the deanery of Dolginovo

Address: Pionerskaya str./8, Rechki village, Vileyka district, Minsk region.
Rector: Priest Valentin Peshko (+375-1771-61291; +375-29-7614013).
As we can see from some church documents the church existed already in 1520 on its place and in that year, Narushevich gave the church an allotment of about 50 tithes of arable and 15.5 tithes of haymaking land for use by the priest Fyodor Vanevich. The real wooden church was built around 1700, which can be concluded from the inscriptions on the icons of the descent of the Holy Spirit that the icon was painted in 1700, and the Mother of God which was painted in 1701.
The present church was renovated in 1852 from the treasury. A church brotherhood has been established since 1856, which was guided by local rules and met twice a year on St. Nicholas the Wonderworker day.

Since 2014, the temple has been under major repairs.

The parish has a chapel in honor of the 2000th anniversary of the Nativity of Christ in Koryakovtsy village (built and consecrated in 2000)

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