Parish of the church of the Holy Prophet John the Baptist in Vishnevets

Churches of deanery of Vishnevo

Address: Nesvizhskaya street/38d, Vishnevets village, Stolbtsovsky district, Minsk region.

Prior: Priest Gennady Kiyko (tel.: +375-17-17-56818; +375-29-5750097).

The church is a monument of Uniate architecture, in which fragmentary signs of the Vilna Baroque style have been preserved. The church was founded in 1640 by Nesvizh Benedictines, who received the village in possession from M.K Radziwill Sirotka. The first church was built in the Gothic style, the new church was built in 1742 and radically rebuilt into Orthodox after the liquidation of the union until 1850. Currently, restoration works are periodically carried out in the church, there is a church house there.

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