Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Noviy Sverzhen village

Churches of deanery of Vishnevo

Address: Nesvizh str/ 17, Noviy Sverzhen, Stolbtsovsky district, Minsk region.

Priest Sergiy Lebed

Simultaneously with the Catholic church of Peter and Paul in 1590, N.K. Radzivil Sirotka founded the Orthodox Church of the Assumption in Noviy Sverzhen, maintaining the traditions of the Khreptovichi. In 1592, the church received 3 hauls of land, hay and free grinding at the mill, and the priest was allocated 10 bee hives, wax from which could be used for candles. Later, the church passed to the uniates and the Basilian monastery was created on its basis. In 1743 the church was partially renovated. In 1833, the church was re-consecrated to orthodox. It didn’t work until the 80s. In the process of restoration since 2002 .There is a wharf house there.

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