Parish of the church of the Holy Life-Giving Trinity in Markovo village

Churches of deanery of Horodzilovo

Address: Markovo village., Molodechno district, Minsk region.

Prior: Nikolay Peshko (tel.: +375-176-745993; +375-29-6305027).

In the Department of Manuscripts of the University of Warsaw, a handwritten description of an unknown author (1616 year)of the village of Markovo has been preserved under the title: “The structure of the Markovsky courtyard”. The manuscript informs us about the ancient church in Markovo and its decoration.
Thanks to the efforts of burghers from Markovo, the local brotherhood and the priest Fabian Okulich, it was decided to begin the construction of a new church building near the old one. In a short time, the construction was completed, and already in 1831 the church was consecrated in the name of the Holy Life-Giving Trinity.

In November 1852, by order of the Ministry of State Property, a civil engineer Malunin was sent to the village of Markovo, who, together with the dean and the priest Fabian, drew up an act for the construction of the current church. The State Chamber allocated 6000 rubles in gold for the construction of the church. In June 1859, the foundation of the new church was laid. In the shortest possible time, it was built on the highest place, next to the dilapidated church, and on December 6, 1860, it was consecrated in honor of the Holy Trinity.
In 1891, Parish in Markovo became part of the Molodechno deanery. In 1897, Archpriest Ioan Sergiev, in future Saint Ioan of Kronstadt, sent two hundred rubles for the needs of the church. On December 28, 1950, a copy of the Pochaev Icon of the Mother of God was brought from Vilnius for the prayerful memory and consolation of parishioners. A commemorative inscription has been preserved on the icon: “May the Protection of the Mother of God and the blessing of Her Divine Son our Lord Jesus Christ rest upon the parishioners of this church and preserve them from all evil! – Archpriest Ioan Bogatkevich.”

In 2015 the church turned 155 years old.

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