Parish of the church of the Holy Life-Giving Trinity in Lebedevo.

Churches of deanery of Horodzilovo

Address: Lebedevo village, Molodechno district, Minsk region.

Prior: Priest Nikolay Laschenko (tel.: +375-29-7837878).

In 1865 Vilnius church building committee made a proposal to build a new brick church instead of a wooden one, which was built in 1798. In 1866, under the leadership of engineer Polozov, the construction of the church began andı t was finished in 1869.

The church is a monument of retrospective Russian style. The construction of the church was a common cause: almost all Orthodox residents helped in the construction of it. The church was built near the old church. All church items and icons from the old church were moved to the new one, and the church itself was not dismantled, preserving it as a shrine. It was demolished in 1880 due to dilapidation.

In 1907, the interior of the church was painted with the effort and talent of the icon painter Orlovsky. Part of the interior was painted Semashkevich Roman. During the First World War, the church was not damaged, but there was a need for its next renovation. The renovation was done by the efforts of the prior Father Ignatius and parishioners in the mid-20s of the XX century.
In October 1962, the authorities decided to close the Holy Trinity church. After the closure of the church, it was planned to make a club there , but for a quarter of a century the church served first as a granary, and then as a warehouse of pesticides. In 1978-1980, under the guise of restoration, the roof of the church was generally opened. All this caused great damage to the building. The transformation of the church into an agricultural object had a bad effect on the paintings of the vaults and walls.

In the second half of the 80s XX century the revival of the church began. On September 20, 1988, Lebedevsky Parish was legally registered, and in April 1989, divine service began.
On October 11, 1992, Metropolitan Filaret consecrated the church.
The parish includes a chapel dedicated to the Nativity of John the Baptist there is a wharf house there.

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