Bishop Pavel headed the patronal feast in the Alexander Nevsky Church in Great Krivichi village

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On September 12, 2022, on the day of commemoration of the transfer of the relics of the Blessed Grand Duke Alexander Nevsky, Bishop Pavel of Molodechno and Stobtsi held the Liturgy in Alexander Nevsky Church in Great Krivichi village of the Volozhinsky district.

His Grace was co-served by: Secretary of the Molodechno Diocese Archpriest Vitaly Bogdanenok, dean of the Rakovsky church district Archpriest Sergiy Lepin, rector of the church Priest Maxim Kudin.
The deacon’s rank was headed by Deacon Dmitry Yatsenko.

After a special litany prayers for the Belarusian people and a prayer against the spread of coronavirus infection were made.

The sermon before communion was delivered by Archpriest Sergiy Lepin.

After the dismissal of the Divine Liturgy, Vladyka Pavel and his fellow clergy celebrated the feast.

At the end of the service, the ruling bishop congratulated the parishioners and clergy on the holiday and addressed words of edification.

Vladyka Pavel congratulated the communicants on receiving the Holy Mysteries of Christ and gave them all an archpastoral blessing.

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